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What if we prioritised focusing on building a child's strengths?

What if we prioritised focusing on buildings a child's strengths rather than only focusing on strengthening their weaknesses?

As Occupational Therapists, our role often focuses on identifying and addressing areas where children are struggling or having a challenging time.

💪🏻While it’s necessary to pinpoint these challenges or ‘weaknesses’ to support a child’s functioning and growth, there’s immense value in also dedicating time to nurture a child’s existing strengths.

🧠 Only focusing on challenges or weaknesses isn’t sustainable (even though when we do, we do our best to ustilise a strengths based approach).

👨‍👧Just like adults, children need to feel successful and capable. Working on what they’re already good at provides a confidence boost, increases motivation, and builds resilience. This is crucial for tackling more challenging tasks.

⚖️ This year, let’s balance our approach. Alongside identifying areas for improvement, let’s also recognize and further develop a child’s strengths and passions.

✨Excelling in something they love not only feels great but also gives them the energy and fuel to work on the more challenging things!

Lily Bodenham

Director/ Occupational Therapist

Excel Occupational Therapy


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