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Movement breaks should not be used as a reward.

If taking a quick movement break or brain break at work as an adult is considered 'good self care', why would we ever make a child have to 'earn' or be 'rewarded' with a movement or sensory break at school?

A child should never have to earn a movement break. 🙅🏼

When a child needs a movement break, restricting them to a break when it’s suitable for us, is only going to dysregulate and add stress to their little nervous systems.

Being responsive to the individual child’s need for a movement or brain break:

✋ Teaches kids ‘It’s OK to take a break!’. It’s our role as educators, parents and carers to teach our kids about the benefits of self care, self pacing and energy conservation. This is an opportunity to support these little humans to learn these habits early on, not just as an after thought following burn out as an adult.

🧠 Validates the child’s individual learning needs and differences. We don’t all learn the same (on that note, let’s say bye to whole body listening).

🏃🏼‍♀️ Acknowledges that movement is absolutely fundamental to helping lots and lots of kids learn.

🫁 Supports development of interoceptive awareness. By validating their internal body cues and validating what their body needs in that moment to regulate and stay engaged, we are laying the foundation for the development of self regulation skills.


Director/ OT


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