Sense Rugby 

 Sense Rugby is  a  rugby  based Occupational  Therapy  program for children age 5-17 years.


Sense Rugby is designed to help kids who usually find it difficult to be part of a sports team. There are many reasons why kids may struggle to find success and enjoyment in sport. We are here to help you get to the bottom of it and send them on their way to success. Most of the kids we work with live with some of the following developmental delays and conditions:

  • Autism Spectrum Disorder

  • ADHD

  • Down Syndrome

  • Dyspraxia

  • Sensory Processing dfficulties

  • Emotional Regulation difficulties

  • Behavioural difficulties

  • Gross motor delays

  • Fine motor delays

  • Learning difficulties

  • Resistance, avoidance or an issue with confidence when it comes to sport

  • Differences in social skill 


Some of the goals families have when they join a Sense Rugby program include for their kids to:

  • Have fun!

  • Develop their confidence and self-esteem

  • Find a regular activity that can be their own

  • Learn a new skill that gives them a great community to belong to for life

  • Find a way to get the movement they seek in an appropriate environment

  • Make friends

  • Learn how to follow instructions, wait their turn and be part of a group

  • Learn how to manage their emotions

  • Improve their ability to self-regulate

  • ..and many more!


Sense Rugby has a few key values that help us help kids. We always have an experienced Paediatric Occupational Therapist that works with trained rugby players to help the kids to achieve success. We utilise a child’s strengths and their motivation to help them to participate and we focus on creating a positive successful social experience first and foremost.


When: Term 1 2020 Wednesdays 4-5 pm  

 5th of Feb to 8th April 2020

Where: Coffs Harbour -Location to be confirmed 


We can accept the following funding:

  • NDIS; provider and self managed for over 7 years

  • NDIS; self managed for under 7 years 

  • Private health funds (Depending on your provider and level of cover, you many be eligible for private health rebates for Occupational Therapy Group Sessions. Please give your provider a call to see how much you will get back on each session. At the end of term you will be given a receipt for all the sessions that your child attended which you can use to claim back.)



$50 per session

We collect all payments outside of therapy sessions to allow Therapists to focus on your child and family. You will be charged for half the term upfront, $200, and then the remaining sessions at the end of the term. We do not charge for sessions that are cancelled due to weather or if the coach/therapist is not able to attend.

NDIS paying clients 

$704 per term (11 sessions). 

Families are required to complete a Service Agreement with Excel Therapy Collective, prior to services starting.

Group sizes are limited, so register your interest today.



Phone: 0491 315 684

Shop 6, 321 Harbour Drive Coffs Harbour 2450


Tel: 0491315684 

Monday to Friday 9am to 5pm

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