Paediatric Occupational Therapy

Children have many different things they need and want to do everyday, otherwise known as 'occupations'.  Some of the important occupations for children include: play, self care, education related tasks and socialising which assist in reaching developmental milestones.
At Excel Therapy Collective we are all about promoting independence in activities of everyday life – or ‘occupations'.

We work with children from 4-18 years, their families and their support networks including preschools, schools or even workplaces for adolescents. We help our clients to do the things they need and want to do to excel in their every day activities of life! 

Want to know the best thing about coming to OT? We disguise therapy as play! 
Some skill areas we can support a child to develop: 

  • Gross motor skills (postural strength and control, motor planning, body awareness)

  • Sensory processing

  • Self Care skills such as toileting or dressing. 

  • Visual motor integration/hand eye coordination

  • Motor planning

  • Attention and behaviour management

  • Functional independence

  • Fine motor skills 

  • Drawing / handwriting

  • Executive functioning 

  • Social and play skills

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