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At Excel we believe it's important to not just address a 'problem' or limitation but rather provide a comprehensive holistic service to each of our clients and their families. 

Our therapy process supports the therapist to engage in evidence-based, client-centred and occupation-based work, enabling the best possible outcomes for our clients. (Derived from the Canadian Practice Process Framework)

What is it the client wants to do or needs to do that they might be having trouble with? We support the client to explore goals
 We work with the client and their support network to asses strengths and limitations which may be impacting a clients ability to achieve their goals
We assist our clients to development interventions specific to their needs and wants, to overcome any limitations in achieving their gaols.
Let's implement the therapy plan. We will work together with the client and their supportive network including carers, work places or schools to implement therapeutic interventions. These may include practical supports, education, skill development and retraining or environmental adaption. 
Once the therapy plan is being implemented we will monitor or modify the plan as needed. We will make sure the therapy plan is working, if it's not, we will make appropriate changes and modifications to therapy to ensure our clients are on track to meeting their goals!
Finally, we will evaluate the outcome of the therapy plan together with the client. Did we achieve our goals? Are their any other therapy approaches we may need to take? Are there any more goals we can support you with to excel in your life? 

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